Our Methodology

SANREC recruiting methodology is based on a logical approach to the recruitment process which includes several detailed steps in order to successfully deploy them on a consistent basis.

An overview of these steps includes:

  • Know your client – Both sides need to take the time up front to really drill down and understand the critical needs of each and every position to be filled.
  • Make sure position specifications are clear – Make sure to inquire about the true “required” skills to know how to identify candidates that meet those specs.
  • Evaluate and screen potential candidates – Interview candidates, whether in person or over the phone to clearly determine one-by-one whether they are suitable for the position being recruited for.
  • Present candidates – Provide enough information in addition to the resume to assist the client in having a clear and concise understanding of the candidates qualifications.
  • Coordinate interviews – Work in sync with the client and candidate to get interviews set up on a timely basis.
  • Facilitate selection of final candidate – Keep an open dialogue every step of the way to make the final candidate selection as easy as possible.
  • Participate in offer & acceptance process – Promote healthy dialogue through the offer & acceptance process to enable the parties to agree upon a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • Conduct detailed references – Provide documented references to the client. Always invite client to recheck those references or to request additional ones as they deem necessary.
  • Hired candidate – Maintain consistent dialogue with candidate as they resign from their current position and keep client abreast of the process as well as facilitating general post-acceptance issues.
  • Candidate – Follow up with both client and placed candidate to make sure things are “off to the right start”.