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SANREC provides professional recruitment and staffing services that are delivered at the highest levels in the industry. The firm offers expert, consultative, start-to-finish recruitment solutions for companies ranging in size from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. We develop a customized recruitment methodology that is flexible and focused on providing comprehensive solutions for our clients. The end result is not just filling an open position with a qualified candidate. It is to gain an in-depth knowledge of our client company, understand its culture, its history and business strategy, and its plans for the future.


We are a recruitment solutions provider with a long-term perspective for our client. We truly believe that we must make every touch point a positive interaction for our client. Our values are deeply embedded in our business operations. We believe in –

Exemplary Quality Standards

Your business specifications are our primary concern. As we endeavor to fulfill those, We ensure excellent service quality standards while implementing our processes...

Quick Turnaround Time

The war for great talent is real. Finding the right person for your organization, in a highly competitive environment, needs agility and speed. We bring our process efficiency…

Integrity and Value Addition

We value long-term customer relationships much more than short-term gains. We ensure that integrity remains the cornerstone to form and sustain those bonds...

Expertise-driven results & Thought leadership

All organizations need talent that is transformational, identifying such talent particularly for the high impact mid and senior levels requires the solution provider to have a vision in line with clients…

We provide the right people and the right solutions for
your business.

Our Solutions

The right person can steer your organization to the next level of growth.
Partner with us in this journey of finding those people. Together we can translate your vision into action.

Executive Search is a specialised function within SANREC used to source candidates for senior

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SANREC manage and administer projects on behalf of businesses that require personnel

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SANREC are industry leaders in finding talent and providing HR solutions. Our approach

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Specializing in

We create multiple solutions that help organizations discover their strengths and find people who are aligned to the overall vision.

SANREC generates outstanding recruitment results so our clients can grow and achieve their business goals.