Sales Heads are the backbone of all organizations. Without a clear sales strategy there is no way for any firm to succeed. These functional heads have to keep a close eye on the financial business targets but also keep their teams highly motivated and their clients engaged. With these three dimensions forming the biggest part of their role, a Sales Head is always prioritizing which aspect to lay more emphasis on at which stage. The role’s challenges can vary on a daily basis because they could range from a dip in sales revenue, to sudden attrition of talented sales people or a dissatisfied client. Managing each of these needs a separate set of attributes and the individual should be adaptable enough to flow into those as needed.

Sanrec Global has been hiring Sales Heads for many years now and given the exhaustive process of identification and then evaluation that we follow, we have been able to identify a clear pattern of what competencies set the best Sales Heads apart from the rest. This know how is used by our consultants to facilitate accurate sourcing for this highly impactful role.