The vision of a CEO or the Board is heavily dependent on the COO or Chief Operations Officer for it to become a reality. Without the COO’s able leadership the implementation can falter and the strategic framework can collapse. Therefore, the Operations Head is an indispensable role within an organization because it has oversight of all other functions, is able to harness the potential of the inter-dependencies and can keep the focus strongly on the final business goals. Individuals who are the right fit to this role are not easy to find because they need to have specific type of experience as well as deeper insight into how business is managed. In addition to that, these individuals also need to have an agility and ability towards change, since the COO is the person who usually drives the practical elements of change.

Our role as the partner to our clients is to provide them with the best possible individuals. We do that by tapping into our vast reserves of talent networks and our clear understanding of this critical organizational leadership role. We at Sanrec Global are aware that this is beyond the realm of uni-dimensional functional roles.