he Chief Marketing Officer is the bridge that connects brands or organizations with their consumers. They have market intelligence that allows them to understand the customer better and they are closely aligned to business strategy, which enables them to understand the top business executives. The kind of mix of internal and external stakeholders that this role needs to handle is diverse. Apart from stakeholder communication, being able to demonstrate the value of the organization’s brand to the wider world, being digitally aware and inventive, and working with teams that need high levels of creativity, are many additional dimensions of this role.

We at Sanrec Global know the strategic position this role has Our internal experts are adept at hiring for marketing head roles due to their past experience in marketing related areas. They are able to gauge with accuracy, the presence of lack of competencies that define and shape up the role of this functional head. We are therefore able to make the best choice for our clients, so that their marketing functions are led by individuals who forge strong customer relationships.