The final product that reaches the consumer is what he or she remembers. While the product gets made in the production shop floor, it is the Manufacturing head’s job or accountability to ensure that the quality that goes out is exemplary. He or she has the business critical role of also ensuring workplace safety and managing the relationship between unions and the management. These elements make this a multi-dimensional and layered role, which should be able to handle the issues that arise at either end with dexterity – the executive end or the worker end.

Sanrec Global knows the kind of value attached to this role. Our clients who have businesses that involve manufacturing believe that manufacturing as at par with all other C-Suite office based roles. We, as their partners, trust this philosophy and apply it to our talent solutions as well. The implications of a wrong hire at the leadership level for this function can result in massive financial and people related losses. We keep that as our guiding principle when we assess the leadership talent for this function.