Ethical leadership and company integrity are high on the agenda of all organizations now. In addition to that there are many new legal regulations and compliances on the talent, operations and financial ends that need organizations to be connected to this area in a stronger way than ever before. Legal expertise is no longer an administrative requirement to audit whether all rules are being complied with. It is a business imperative given that companies now venture into different markets and each has its own implications. The rapid growth of technology has made the need for cybersecurity and internet related regulations, real.

The Legal Function heads have to be aware of this new environment which places large corporations in vulnerable positions. Being able to mitigate the risks that are associated with such an environment so that the organization’s business interests are safeguarded is the new mandate for legal heads. Our knowledge of these changes is relevant and evolved. We at Sanrec Global, know that the function and its leaders have now been reinvented to become more aligned to the new-age corporate world. When we hire for such roles, we ensure that the individuals hired are capable of handling such challenges. We have hired legal heads who have been experienced and skilled, and have made a positive impact on their organization’s business. This has been possible due to our mentoring that allows them to transition into such roles smoothly.