Financial Officers

This is typically the next most important role in an organization. In some organizations this role’s impact and power might be higher than that of a CEO as well. Given the depth of the job, Chief Financial Officers are expected to perform a range of activities at work. They work towards maintaining the right balance between cost optimization and investment channeling. Without their involvement and stringent process, it is difficult for organizations to remain sustainable and viable in the long-run.

The CFO’s insights based on the company’s internal operations and the external market climate, can be most crucial in decision making. Financial leaders, therefore, are strategically placed to guide the CEO and the Board due their unique mix of financial expertise and business acumen. They play many roles such as in Financial Compliance and Control, Treasury, Taxation and Audit and Sanrec Global has the experience of hiring for all these sub-disciplinary areas that form a part of the overall Finance leadership. At Sanrec Global, we conceptualize and develop the entire succession planning process in manner that there is a ready pool of potential CFO candidates present for the organization.