Contract Staffing

In India and even globally, the gig economy is the new buzzword. Organizations as well as individuals are increasingly moving towards roles that involve temporary or contractual employment. It gives both parties the space to choose the rules of the engagement, and where and when they want to work.

The duration of these assignments can be short , medium or long. The reason that organizations choose this approach is because it allows them to optimize their cost as well as utilize their resources efficiently. Special projects arise from time to time and having a full-time resource for it does not always make viable business sense. For individuals, contract placement is becoming a popular career option due to the flexibility it offers and the range of skills they can learn simultaneously. We, at Sanrec Global, understand the viewpoint of the organization and the individual. Therefore, we are best suited to manage your contract staffing requirements. This is a service offering which reduces your hiring risk because it allows you to recruit temporary hires who can free up your core staff’s time to make the shift from transactional to strategic jobs. It also saves you the cost of making a wrong hiring decision if the employee was not a fit, since it is not a permanent fitment.