Board and CEO Services

The captain of the ship steers its course and defines its journey. The Board of Directors defines how the organization shapes up. They are critical to its success because their decision making and judgment has long term and far reaching impact. At Sanrec Global, we know that organizations which have strong Boards are the ones that survive as well as thrive irrespective of external market conditions. In addition to the Board, the CEOs are also instrumental in helping the organization navigate difficult times as well as push its own boundaries of what can be achieved.

We have the expertise to discover, identify, evaluate and then mentor director candidates in different countries. The best leaders or Board Members are not always present on the public radar or employment databases. Exploring the right avenues where one can find high quality leadership talent proactively is our strength. We bring the same rigour to our process of hiring Board Members. Building performance-oriented Boards and CEOs is our USP. Succession planning is a high priority for all organizations since it has a direct link to business continuity. This gets further amplified for the executive leadership levels. Therefore our role as the partners for our clients is to enable smooth transitions and assimilation at the top leadership level when a new individual enters that role. We use intensive methods to find the right CEO for our client organizations.